Welcome to the world of Tea Culture with STORE FIELD TEA FACTORY...

Just 15 minutes from the world famous Kandy city in the Central of Sri Lanka, STORE FIELD Tea Factory Produces High Quality Ceylon Tea which are marketed under the Garden Names STORE FIELD Factory Fresh Ceylon Tea and under the brand name of DILFER and SPECS OF KETTLE brands.The factory is having its reputation as one of the best producer of Pure Ceylon Tea for the international market started its process in the Colonial period of 1930.

The Process

The process for taking freshly picked leaves through various rolling, fermentation drying and sieving processes to arrive at the various grades of Orange Pekoe tea can be observed here before visiting our tea outlet which serves the number of varieties of high quality factory fresh tea ready for the international market.


The tea tasting ritual which can be experienced here is an interesting experience and one can got to sample the varieties of Tea brews from the cheapest to the most expensive with a clear explanation from our guide.

Why you should visit us…..

Visit us to see how to make a good cup of pure Ceylon Tea. A guided tour at the factory and estate will enable you to identify the art of tea plucking and some of the traditional methods of manufacturing tea. It also uses some of the latest technology in food processing and very strict food hygienic methods.

We do

•  Demonstrations of the tea manufacturing process with one of our Guide
•  High quality Tea Center for “ Factory Fresh “ varieties of Teas for purchasing,
•  Restaurant for Break Fast and Lunch,
•  Tea Lounge to taste Tea